DEC 2012

Board approves implementation of a clinical leadership programme designed by Richard Bohmer, Dale Bramley, Penny Andrew, Robyn Whittaker.







MAR 2013

Board approval to establish Centre for Health IT + Creative Design with a mandate to try new things, in collaboration with CIO

AUG 2013

Enhanced Care Management + Clinical Leadership programme with Richard Bohmer starts – Cohort 1



JUN 2014

Centre for Health IT + Creative Design establishes ‘living innovation laboratory’ with two pilot sites, ward 10 + Special Care Baby Unit

Innovation relationships established with Orion Health + Auckland UniServices’ National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI)






JUL 2014

US site visits by Robyn Whittaker, and Dale Bramley to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BDIM) + Intermountain Healthcare

Clinical Leadership programme Cohort 2 starts

AUG 2014

Launch of Innovation Library led by Dr Kim Fong, primary researcher





NOV 2014

Four Fellow roles approved:

- Health Innovation;

- Quality Improvement (Allied Health);

- Medical Education(2);

- Health Informatics

DEC 2014

Cohort 1 completes Clinical Leadership programme

Leapfrog Programme Phase 1 approved by Board




APR 2015

Board approves establishment of i3

Leapfrog – Voice to Text business case approved

MAY 2015

Clinical Leadership programme Cohort 3 starts

Leapfrog – eOrders (laboratory) business case approved





JUN & JUL 2015

Leapfrog – eOrders (radiology) starts

Leapfrog – Patient Experience Reporting System business case approved

Leapfrog – eVitals business case approved

OCT 2015

Leapfrog – Voice to Text goes live

Leapfrog – Mobile device solution for Community Allied Health clinicians business case approved





DEC 2015

eCALD joins i3

FEB 2016

Transforming Care Programme + Engineering Partnership approved by the Board

Leapfrog – Mobile device roll out for Community Allied Health clinicians + ePrescribing roll out at North Shore Hospital






MAR 2016

Leapfrog – iPads at the bedside ward 7 partnership with Vodafone

MAY 2016

Launch of Precision Driven Health Research Partnership with Auckland UniServices Ltd + Orion Health





JUN 2016

Engineers in Residence Programme approved

Leapfrog – Voice to Text + eVitals go live

Penny Andrew appointed Director of i3

SEP 2016

Leapfrog Mobility – Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform established





OCT & NOV 2016

Precision Driven Health summer studentships commence

Leapfrog – ePrescribing rolled out to 970 hospital beds

Leapfrog – eVitals rolled out to 450 hospital beds

DEC 2016

Leapfrog Programme Phase 2 approved by Board






JAN & FEB 2017

Project to develop + trial VR training for junior doctors starts

Leapfrog – eVitals rolled out to 746 beds

Leapfrog – Mobile device solution for 122 Community Allied Health clinicians project completed

APR & MAY 2017

Leapfrog – Qlik Sense Data Discovery project commences

iTui app launched

Leapfrog – eOrders (laboratory) goes live





SEP 2017

Leapfrog – Outpatient Flow Tool business case approved by Board